Agendas and Concept Notes ENG RUS
General Agenda PDF  
General Agenda by Day PDF  
Sessions and Workshops    
Day 1 - 12 November    
Energy Transition to Decarbonize society / Energy-Related SDG Implementation and Progress Tracking  PDF  
Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructure PDF  
Critical Raw Materials for Sustainable Energy Systems PDF  
Launch of Energy Charter Energy Investment Risk Assessment Report PDF  
Implementation of SDG7 at National Level and Regional Level in Asia and the Pacific: Lessons Learnt for the Way Forward    
Concept Note
Methane Management in Extractive Industries PDF  
Day 2 - 13 November    
The Role of Bioenergy in Light of Changes to the Energy Landscape PDF  
Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks PDF  
Modernisig Infrastructure - Transition of the Energy Sector PDF  
Practical Aspects of Transition Towards 100% Renewables PDF  
Making Industrial Energy Efficiency the New Normal PDF PDF
Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings    
 Draft Agenda PDF PDF
Concept Note PDF PDF
Nuclear Energy and Sustainable Development: Role in the decarbonized energy mix PDF  
Renewable Energy Matchmaking: How to Boost Renewable Energy Investments PDF  
Renewable Energy Matchmaking (DG DEVCO, DG NEAR) PDF  
Day 3 - 14 November    
Innovative Approaches to Financing Energy Efficiency in Buildings PDF  
Workshop on the Role of Utilities, Big Data and Geo-Spatial Data in Energy Transition    
Draft Agenda PDF PDF
Concept Note PDF PDF
Modelling Pathways to Sustainable Energy  PDF  
The Role of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Energy Pathways PDF  
Energizing the Furthest Behind - Renewable Energy for Refugees and Migrants PDF  
Early-Warning System to Track Progress on Sustainable Energy PDF  
Promoting Renewable Energy Investments within an Intersectoral and Nexus Perspective PDF  
Renewable Energy Prospects for Central and South East Europe PDF  
Investments into Clean Energy Technology PDF  
The Role of Natural Gas in Achieving SDGs PDF  
Digitalization in the Energy Sector (Plenary and Workshop) PDF  
Day 4 - 15 November    
Energy for development in a carbon constrained world: Retooling Research and Education PDF  
Energy Data Transparency as a Key Enabler for National, Regional and Global Energy Security Mechanism    
Draft Agenda PDF  
Concept Note PDF  
Workshop on Overcoming Barriers to Improving Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy PDF PDF
Exploring Pathways to Sustainable Energy in the Belarus-Moldova-Ukraine Region PDF  
Training on Application of UNFC for Sustainable Resources Management PDF  
Best Practices in Coal Mine Methane Capture and Utilization. Application in Ukraine PDF  
Promoting Industrial Energy Efficiency in Ukraine PDF