Arrival and departure information


Ukraine’s busiest airport, Boryspil, is located 18.5 km East of the city, and offers the widest selection of flights and carriers in the country. The airport has several terminals, but some domestic and all international flight connections are made at TERMINAL D. 
Boryspil International official web-site:


Located 8 km from the centre of Kyiv, Zhulyany Airport serves mostly internal flights and low cost carriers. 
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The KYIV METRO STATIONS are marked on Google Maps, and visually at the entrance with big green “M”. The Kyiv metro operates daily from approximately 5:30 am until after midnight, usually 00:30 am. Tokens and travel cards can be purchased at all stations. Tokens can also be purchased at designated token dispensing machines at the stations.


Kyiv has an extensive system of mini-buses, buses, trolley-buses and trams. The system is for those who prefer “to look around” while traveling in town. They can be particularly useful in parts of Kyiv where the Metro doesn’t go. Tickets are sold by drivers of mini-buses or conductors in city buses, trolley-buses and trams, wait for the conductor to sell you your ticket. The conductor will be the one wearing a green or red vest.


Taxi service in Kyiv is plentiful, with a wide range of providers, including UBER. Order your cab by telephone or with the help of SmartPhone apps. Trip prices are based mostly on distance.