Ninth International Forum
on Energy for Sustainable Development

Organizers and participants 9th International Energy Forum for Sustainable Development

Dear colleagues!

      On behalf of the Government of Ukraine and myself, I personally congratulate the start of the 9th International Energy Forum for Sustainable Development!

      The annual international energy for sustainable development initiatives organized under the auspices of the United Nations is a significant contribution to the global dialogue on diversification of energy supply routes, the exchange of innovative experiences, the protection of critical energy infrastructure, the introduction of advanced technologies, energy efficiency and reduction harmful effects on the environment.

      All these challenges are also facing Ukraine, and their solution, as well as modernization of the fuel and energy complex of our state, is among the priorities of the Government of Ukraine. On this purpose, the Energy Strategy of Ukraine was approved by 2035, key legislative acts were adopted to form full-fledged gas and electricity markets. I am convinced that the disclosure of information in the form of open data, the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, deregulation measures only strengthen confidence in Ukraine as a reliable international partner in the energy sector.

      I am convinced that measures of such a high level as the 9th International Energy Forum for Sustainable Development, as well as meetings and negotiations held in its fields, in particular involving UN, EU, World Bank, EBRD, IEA, IRENA, will conduce socially-economic development of our state, active economic and energy integration of Ukraine into the European space, strengthening of European energy security.

Best regards

Prime Minister of Ukraine

Volodymyr Groysman


Dear friends and colleagues,

I invite you to join us for the Ninth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development that will take place in Kyiv from 12 to 15 November 2018. The Ninth Forum is an opportunity for us to reflect on how we can re-direct our energy system and accelerate the pace of change to meet the needs of society. Achieving the energy-related goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will require not just announcements about commitments, but also deep, transformative action.

There is no commonly agreed definition of what energy for sustainable development is, or how it will be achieved. As national circumstances vary, countries must choose their own paths to meet their commitments and obligations. The work to be done falls into three key areas:

- Reducing the environmental footprint of fossil energy: If we are to provide the energy that countries require for their economies, and if the world’s energy mix retains a significant share of fossil fuels, then we cannot meet the climate challenge without addressing fossil’s environmental footprint.

- Sustainable resource management: The management of energy resources today focuses narrowly on individual projects based on market economic conditions and local community issues. We need a broadly accepted methodology for resource management that enables optimal resource development in line with the 2030 Agenda.

- Accept that deep, transformative change of the energy system is needed: The recipe for success is not complicated, but it requires being bold, innovative, and substantial. We must enable efficient interaction between fossil and low-carbon alternatives. We must enable new entrants with new solutions to define new markets. We must accept that energy markets do not always align with political boundaries. We must be prepared to reinvent energy as a service industry.

We should be able to expect that our governments are working to improve our quality of life and will act rationally in terms of economics, environment, and social welfare. While the UN is an effective platform for global impact, the actions that really matter will be taken at community level, with interactions among local and national governments, investors, regulators, and citizens. To succeed, we will need actions tailored to local circumstances.

We can witness around us the result of excellent work done for over more than a century by engineers, scientists, and investors who succeeded in raising the quality of life, notably in the developed world. We should be prepared and able to harness the capacities of the energy industry to carry us to the future we want. We should put in place investment framework conditions that allow today’s energy players to replace, reposition, and manage their assets and activities. But we should also open markets to let new players and new business models enter. Above all, we must ensure that we have clarity on the pathway we are following to a sustainable future and that we embrace the energy system we need.

The Ninth Forum will explore the range of measures to close the gaps between action, commitment, and ambition. Emphasis will be given to the resilience of energy infrastructure and the nexus areas in the context of a circular economy to improve resource efficiency. The Forum will focus on disruptive drivers that are at play, and how they can be used favorably to shape energy for sustainable development. The event will unite all technology options with regional cooperation, investment and financing aspects. The intent is to agree on a balanced set of options for countries to pursue concretely and effectively in both the near term and the longer term, and to inform key political processes about collective insights on energy for sustainable development.

Please join me in Kyiv for what promises to be a fruitful interaction among energy experts from around the world.

Welcome Message from the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Ihor Nasalyk

Dear colleagues, guests, participants of the Forum!

The Ninth International Energy Forum for Sustainable Development in Ukraine is of landmark nature, as Ukraine demonstrates clear commitment to becoming a member of the European market, promoting economic reforms, in particular in the energy sector, and adhering to the values that the UN member states adhere to.

Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, desire for an open dialogue, a closer cooperation, is what unites the world leading countries, therefore an International Forum of this scale serves as a platform and an effective tool for establishing partnerships, discussing investment projects and identifying common priorities in the energy sphere.

Ukraine is implementing energy sector reforms in line with the EU acquis, requirements of the international community. Integration of Ukraine’s energy market into the EU energy market is a key priority today. Therefore, Ukraine's efforts are aimed at the implementation of the European legislation. Approval of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035 was an impetus to intensifying the reform, shaping up full-fledged gas and electricity markets. We have essentially completed developing a legislative framework in the energy sector, which will provide the basis for the investor security and confidence and capturing opportunities in the energy sector of Ukraine.

One of today’s pressing challenges is the issue of energy security. In this regard, we are taking measures to diversify energy sources, reduce dependence in terms of nuclear fuel supply. A successful step was the construction of the Centralised storage facility for spent nuclear fuel. Investors already present in the Ukrainian market are fully aware of the changes that have been taking place in Ukraine and are ongoing. We are open to cooperation and work on creating comfortable business conditions.

Ukraine supports the requirements regarding openness and transparency, compliance with the Paris Agreement, and increasing the share of renewable energy sources. Having developed a number of strategies for the development of key energy sectors, the necessary plans and programs, Ukraine has a roadmap and is open for dialogue and cooperation with partner countries and financial institutions to implement joint investment projects.

I am convinced that 9th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, will be the basis for a deeper and more effective cooperation and implementation of new projects for achieving the UN sustainable development goals.

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